How To: Identify and control common lawn weeds

Identify and control common lawn weeds

With rainfall comes unwanted plant growth in the form of weeds. Here's how to identify and control them. First is Nutsage which has a glossy green leaf, triangular stem and the rhizome sends up new plants whenever you cut away at it. Next is jungle rice which is an aquatic weed, from areas where there is a lot of moisture. It can be identified by it red/purple chevrons. Use herbicide to take them out before they get too large. Next is pigweeds, to get rid of it you can use weed killer or a hoe, again better to do so before they grow too much. Next up is tumbleweed, something you'd see floating on highways, the same methods for control apply here as well. Round up weed killer, weed out lawn weed killer, Weed B Gone lawn weed killer are just some of the products that can be used to do the job.

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