How To: Grow your own grass with Roger L Davis

Grow your own grass with  Roger L Davis

If you want to grow your own grass you should first get some hard winter wheat berry or grass seeds to begin to grow. You should sprout your seeds by measuring out 1 pound of seed that will be grown in a 17 x 17 inch tray. Fill a jar with a mixture of water and a solution for ocean minerals and 1 lbs of grass seeds and let them sprout. This will expand in the jar. This should take about 12 hours. Now, drain the water from the seeds, let this dry for 6 -8 hours, rinse the seed. Now, put half an inch of top soil in your tray and spread your seeds out over your top soil. You want the seeds to lay on top of the soil. Now, you should water the seeds and soil to get it fairly soaked. For the first two and half days, you should take another tray and cover it. This will simulate growing to the light. Make sure you have circulation for wheat grass to grow! As the last step, you can cut your wheat grass at about 7-8 inches long, rinse the grass and you can put it into the juicer!

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