How To: Grow pineapples using the fruit crown

Grow pineapples using the fruit crown

In this video Jack in the Net shows how to grow your own pineapple using just the crown. Find a nice firm, strong pineapple with no brown leaves. With a very sharp knife, cut straight through about an inch down from the crown. Then trim the flesh all the way around, leaving only the solid round core in the middle, being careful not to cut into the crown. The roots will grow off of the crown so all the fruit needs to be removed.

Put water in a large vase and set the pineapple down in it so that only the yellow bottom part is in the water. When the roots have grown to two or three inches it’s ready to plant. Take a large pot and put a layer of rocks in the bottom, then fill it with potting soil. Dig out a hole in the middle and place the roots down in it - and that’s all there is to growing a pineapple.

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