How To: Grow a fig tree in southern New Mexico

Grow a fig tree in southern New Mexico

In this segment of Southwest Yard and Garden, John White and Bill Alford are going to be talking about fruit production and how to harvest figs in southern New Mexico. Bill starts off by talking about his nine year old Black Turkey tree. He says he digs holes and arbor each spring, then uses half a cup of fertilizer per hole. The roots of a fig tree usually grow out past the outer parts of the tree so it's important to make sure you plant has adequate room to grow correctly. A person can maybe tell when a fig is ripe when it is dark and purple, but the only way to truly no is by feeling. You don't want them to be too soft because it might mean an insect has gotten inside. Bill say always remember to open your fig to make sure there's no bugs inside. Figs can be dried and dehydrated by putting them in a dehydrator or by just leaving them out in the air for a couple of days. If you have a good tree you can yield maybe two or three dozen a day in season. This tutorial is a very good tool and very helpful for anyone interesting in growing figs in southern New Mexico.

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