How To: Extract raw cork from the cork oak tree

Extract raw cork from the cork oak tree

Have you ever bought a cork product? Cork liner? Cork coasters? Wine… with a cork? Well, did you ever wonder where it comes from? Watch this video demonstration and you'll find out how raw cork is extracted from the Cork Oak.

This video shows the process of the fatiguing work of the extractor, sailor of the forest, armed with an axe. With a match of strength and sensibility, he succeeds in detaching what they once called "soft gold"… the cork, without raging on the delicate and vital underlying (mom or fellogeno) bark, whose damage involves a premature downfall of the plant.

Cork is a renewable source, because the cork will grow back. Every 9-12 years, when the raw cork layer gets thick enough, it's safe to extract… carefully though. See the whole process on cork extraction right here in this vid!

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