How to Choose the right garden mulch

This video will show you how to choose the right mulch for your garden. The first thing to learn is that you have a lot of choices when it comes to selecting a garden mulch. The first type is organic mulch. Organic mulch is a kind of mulch that will break down into the soil over a period of time. Wood chip is an example of organic mulch. You can put a weed mat down under the mulch to keep the weeds from growing up. A second way to mulch the garden is with a decorative pebble. They come a wide variety of colors but they are more expensive than other types of mulching products. Rocks hold a lot of heat so you have to water more with rocks than other mulch. Finally you can use a lasoon mulch. Lasoon mulch will add moisture and ground heat as it breaks down. This is an excellent mulch for a garden that turns over a lot.

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