How To: Choose pansies, chrysanthemums & asters

Choose pansies, chrysanthemums & asters

Curtis Smith and Jim Sais describe how to choose pansies, chrysanthemums and asters. Pansies are very small plants and they come in different varieties and sizes such as dancing bears . The face of the pansies is very exact and the right fertilizer will cause them to grow successfully. Amended soil will work best for pansies. Chrysanthemums are spectacular plants and they can be used in containers as well. They signify a fair well to summer. When they are finished blooming, you should be able to snip them so that they can re grow accordingly. Choose them according to colors. Asters are wonderful plants that are similar to chrysanthemums. But their bloom time is very short, so be aware of this fact when planting asters. They grow up to 3-5 feet high and originate from Mexico. Choose your plants according to lifetime value they hold for you.

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