How To: Choose a daylily variety for your garden

Choose a daylily variety for your garden

There are many different types of daylilies, and this video shows the different varieties and how to care for them. First they show a variety called Double Cutie and explain that you need to take off the wilted blossoms to get more blooms the following year. If the leaves are striped, it means there is an iron deficiency in the soil, and there are products you can get for that. There is a variety of daylily that is almost white, called Tuscawilla Tranquility. There are no daylilies that are pure white or blue. They show a variety called Jan's twister which has very narrow petals, an apricot colored one called John Bierman with piecrust ruffling on the petals. Another variety is Champagne Elegance, which is a polychrome, meaning is has more than one color in the bloom. Double Button is a smaller flower with a dark red center an orange petals. This is an interesting video for any gardener who likes daylilies.

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