How To: Braid a ficus tree & grow a miniture rose

Braid a ficus tree & grow a miniture rose

In this video, a man answer questions sent in by viewers, about various plants. First he covers how to braid a ficus tree trunk. To do that you must grow the trees close together, then trim off the bottom limbs, and braid the trunks. Next he talks about growing miniature roses indoors. Miniature roses must be carefully watches for mold, insects, and over-exposure to sunlight when grown indoors. Then he answers a question about carnivorous plants. He covers the Venus fly trap, and demonstrates how the trap works, and why. Venus fly traps eat flies by trapping them, then using chemicals to absorb the nutrients from the fly, nutrients that are not found in the environment the plant thrives in. He also covers the purple pitcher plant, with a hollow cube that has a liquid that attracts insects, then the insect gets trapped and digested. These plants eat insects because they need the nutrients/minerals to survive. And that is where the video ends.

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