How To: Harvest vermicast (worm castings) compost for garden food

Harvest vermicast (worm castings) compost for garden food

Some of the best organic compost you can use for your home garden comes from worms, and it's called vermicompost. This video shows you a way to harvest the vermicast, also known as worm castings, worm humus or worm manure, which are those dark brown, dirt-like materials, for use as garden compost. Vermicast is the end-product of organic waste breakdown from earthworms and works as a great fertilizer.

Take a handful of worm castings from your worm bin and make a pile with it on a sheet of newspaper. Don't worry if you get some worms, food and other stuff. Grab a little material from the pile and pick out the non-worm casting stuff. Put that aside and put the worm castings in a container. Always take from the outer surface of the pile. This is because the worms will keep digging down to get away from the sunlight so the outer surface should be relatively worm-free. Keep doing this until you've gone through your entire pile. Put the leftover stuff back in the worm bin. Put the worm castings in your garden.

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